Club Rates and Costs

All balances are due by the 15th of the month. Flight time is based on a Hobbs meter and includes the cost of fuel. Members will be billed for a minimum of 1 hour of flight time each month. Any part of the 1 hour minimum billed, but not actually flown will be billed at the current rate for N1636H.

Monthly Dues: $ 54

Initiation Fee: $ 750 (non-refundable)

Aircraft Rates:

N1636H  – $ 92/hr
N12382  – $ 99/hr
N5174E  – $ 97/hr
N515ED  – $ 108/hr
N70574  – $ 152/hr

Rates effective May 1, 2022

Starting June 1, 2022, a temporary fuel surcharge will also be added. The fuel surcharge will be adjusted each month based on current fuel prices and the typical hourly fuel burn rate for the aircraft. The fuel surcharge will show up in Flight Circle based on your Hobbs flight time. Our goal is to minimize the amount of the fuel surcharge. We hope that fuel prices will reduce in the future so that the fuel surcharge can be eliminated.

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