Event Calendar

  • Tue
    7:00 pmHangar - Flight Planning Room

    Quarterly club meetings are held with the Board in order to provide members more opportunities to ask questions, make suggestions, raise concerns, and have increased visibility into the status and workings of the club. This is your club, so the Board wants to make sure you are aware of what is happening throughout the year. The quarterly meetings will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of the 2nd month each quarter at 7:00 PM in the hangars if possible or online if not.

  • Sat
    4:30 pmKSLE

    Haven’t flown at night in a while? Want to get some additional night experience or regain your night passenger currency? Join us Saturday night, November 20th, for some night takeoffs and landings. We’ll have several club instructors on hand to fly with up to two pilots in the 172’s for some night dual. The tentative plan is to fly to a nearby destination (e.g. KMMV, S12, etc.) and get three landings, then switch pilots and fly to another airport for three landings.

    Sunset for the 20th is at 16:35 so an hour after that we’ll launch after a short night safety briefing. Plan to arrive at 16:30 to pre-flight while it’s still light outside. Afterwards for those interested, we’ll go to the Flight Deck restaurant for flying talk and food. The instructor cost will be $25 per pilot and each pilot is responsible for paying for their aircraft time (estimated .5 hour). Please RSVP to Todd Lindley (via Flight Circle) by November 13th as space is limited.

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